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Credit despite multiple loans

18. Dec, 2019

Our consumer behavior has changed a lot in recent years. If you used to look closely at what was bought, it looks a little different today. The abundance of consumer goods leads us more and more to buy things that we don’t actually need. If the money needed for this is not available, a loan is simply taken out, which creates liquidity and enables the purchase. And so it happens that, despite several loans, a loan is no longer a problem in our day and is part of the everyday life of many consumers.

As long as the income is sufficient to service all loans, it may not be a problem financially if a loan is taken out despite several loans. However, it becomes tight when the income no longer corresponds to the expenditure and there are therefore bottlenecks in the payment of the credit rates. Then over-indebtedness quickly threatens and the dream of a carefree life with plenty of consumer goods of all kinds is quickly a thing of the past.

So you can take out a loan despite multiple loans

So you can take out a loan despite multiple loans

Before you decide to take out a loan despite multiple loans, you should consider whether you can handle the additional financial burden. To do this, determine your income and expenses and compare them. If there is enough money left in the end, nothing should stand in the way of an additional loan. Provided that you can secure its admission with a good Credit Bureau. Because this is important in Germany to get a loan.

Then look where you can find good loan offers. We recommend that you use the Internet for your search. Not only because you can quickly compare all current offers with the help of a comparison calculator. But also because in most cases it is the direct banks that offer the best deals. And you can only use this if you submit the loan application via the Internet.

When submitting your application, make sure that you submit all documents and fill out the loan application truthfully. This is how you avoid delays or even a rejection if the bank does not agree with your information. Not only do you choose the loan based on the interest, but also look at the repayment methods. These should be flexible and fit your financial behavior.

Which loan is best suited as a loan despite multiple loans?

Which loan is best suited as a loan despite multiple loans?

Traditionally, the easiest way to take out consumer credit is because you can apply for it directly from a retailer. However, this limits you very much in your radius of action, since the loan is earmarked and can only be used for the purchase of the items that the dealer offers.

You are much more flexible when you opt for an installment loan. You can get this from all banks so that a credit comparison can help you choose. If you use an installment loan, you can not only look forward to a very low effective interest rate. You also have the option of using the money from the loan very flexibly. Because an installment loan is an unrestricted loan, so the bank cannot prescribe what you are using the money from the loan for. If you fill out the loan application correctly and submit all documents in full, you can also implement an installment loan within a few hours and use the money from it.

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